Testemonial for Ion Detox

Dr. Jen Barnes Uncategorized

I never had a foot detox before, but I found the concept of removing all the “bad stuff” very intriguing. I had been having back pain and I stay on top of this with chiropractor visits. My pain wasn’t going away and this pain seemed to be in a different area than my usual lower back. The next step was to rule out tumors or cysts so I had a x-rays, an ultrasound and a colonoscopy to see if there was an underlying issue causing the back pain. All tests came back “normal”. As a last resort, a foot detox was suggested because this would take out the “bad stuff” in my body that I have been carrying around for years. This required coming for the initial 14 visits with monthly visits after that. The back pain was too consistent and painful and not going away, so I said “why not”. After only a few visits I noticed my back pain went away and I didn’t need the chiropractor visits to keep my back in alignment. I also started feeling so good on the inside that I couldn’t stop the treatments. After the 14 visits I started the once a month maintenance, I felt better going twice month at first, but now I go once a month and I feel so much healthier. My chiropractor visits for my lower back are few and far between now. Who would have ever thought that this mysterious pain would subside. All we can figure out is maybe the pain was in the intestines and wasn’t able to be found with x-rays and an ultra-sound. I am so relieved to be free from this pain and feeling healthy again!