Injury Prevention

BACKSAFE is an injury prevention program that reduces worker compensation costs.It is designed to have long lasting effects on your employees to reduce costly injuries both on and off the job. BACKSAFE is presently being used by several organizations such as Boeing, Chrysler, UPS, Ryder Trucking, Schools, Governments, Hospitals and many other organizations of all descriptions.


  • We design job specific workshops that are aimed at training employees
    how to perform their jobs bio-mechanically correct. We customize
    programs for all job descriptions including material handling,construction, trucking, nursing, police, fire fighters, distribution etc. Our aim is to break workers’ bad habits and replace them with healthier ones that they will apply on a daily basis.
  • We have developed our training techniques to ensure that the worker “learns” proper biomechanical techniques. By “learning,” we mean that they acquire basic knowledge of the anatomy, biomechanics and stretching exercises, and are motivated to apply proper body mechanics to their jobs on a daily basis.
  • We will teach your employees how to do their jobs, in their work environment, biomechanically correct by having them perform their job tasks under the supervision of our facilitators who coach them on how to do these tasks safely.

SITTINGSAFE is a new generation of job-specific on-site training designed to reduce office-based injuries and illness experienced by many who work with computers or perform other job activities while in a seated position.


  • Workshop gets the participants involved via the SITTINGSAFE practical module that ensures the employee can adjust their own workstation ergonomically correct. This practical module is supported by our state of the art SITTINGSAFE video and materials.
  • The SITTINGSAFE Ergonomic Workshop also includes the SITTINGSAFE 3 minute stretching routine aimed at reducing stress
    from repetitive activities. The goal of the program is to teach the employee how to control their environment using their existing furniture and equipment to prevent painful and costly injuries.
  • The key to preventing these costly injuries is to reduce the amount of stress incurred on a daily basis by properly adapting the
    environment to be more user friendly, correcting improper biomechanics, and, through a proper stretching routine, rid the body of accumulated stress.

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